Applied Nutrition Test X 120 Caps

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Applied Nutrition Test X is a uniquely formulated natural testosterone booster designed to increase levels of natural testosterone in the body which has a number of key benefits for males as well including an ESTRO BUSTER matrix designed to balance estrogen levels which can often be offset when taking part in regular high-intensity exercise.

Increasing testosterone levels in the human body have a huge list of positive effects on training performance, muscle mass, fat loss, hormone function, increased mood and enhanced libido.

Applied Nutrition Test X contains a blend of unique ingredients proven to increase free testosterone in the human body.

Test X Estro buster is a unique blend of Fenugreek, D-Aspartic Acid, Beta Ecdysterone, Macca Root, Mucuna Pruriens & 5 Methyl - 7-Methoxyisoflavone with added Estrogen Busting ingredients to promote balanced estrogen levels. This is perfect for anyone who takes part in regular high-intensity exercise where estrogen levels are often affected.

  • Supports natural testosterone production
  • Added estro-buster formula
  • Tested for Athletes
  • Halal Certified Product
  • Increase libido/ sex Drive
  • Muscle mass
  • Focus
  • Energy
  • Better mood
Serving size: 4 Capsules
Serving per container: 30
Amount per serving:
Na-M-DAA  1800 mg
 Avena Sativa  300 mg
 Fenugreek  270 mg
 Estro-Buster  220 mg
 Magnesium  200 mg
 Mucuna Pruriens  200 mg
 Beta Ecdysterone  180 mg
 Macca Root  150 mg
 Vitamin D3  4000 iu
 Zinc  24 mg
 Methoxy Isoflavone  20 mg
 Vitamin B6  12 mg
 Copper  1200 ug
Na-M-DAA, Avena Sativa (Oat Extract), Fenugreek (4-Hodroxy Isoleucine), Estro-Buster (I-3-C (Indole-3-Carbinol), White Button Mushroom, Reveratrol), Magnesium Oxide, Mucuna Pruriens, Beta Ecdysterone, Macca Root, Cholecalciferol, Zinc Mono-L-Methionine Sulphate, 5 Methyl-7-Methoxyisoflavone, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Copper Sulfate.
Other Ingredients
Vegetable Capsule Shell: Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.